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Dances and Active Games - a kinetic cultural approach - Buy the complete modules here!

Dance-, Drum- and Balafone-Patterns for the Cou Cou/WestafricaEscrima: Stick Rhythms from the PhilippinesOdissi-Dance: Temple Dance from India/OrissaLeekeli: Stick Dance from Sri LankaTiti Toerea: Stick Game from New Zealand/Maori

Module 5

Classroom: Dances and Active Games (2D)

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Classroom: Dances and Active Games (3D)

Look for evaluation of laptop-classes in Germany: Schaumburg, Heike: Konstruktivistischer Unterricht mit Laptops? Eine Fallstudie zum Einfluss mobiler Computer auf die Methodik des Unterrichts/Constructivist learning with laptops? A case study on the influence of mobile computers on classroom instruction methodology. FU Berlin 2003 (digital PHDthesis/German => download!)