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In the moment the test-crossword-puzzle is only available in German. It contains the following advices and questions:

Solve the crossword puzzle and check the answers with the respective button. If you are stuck, click on "Hint" to get a character. Click on a number in the puzzle to display the description. Good luck!


2. Mnemonic technique
5. Style of metal music that is played in church services
7. Second variant of the reconstruction
10. Performative formant with a multi-sensual character
11. State of a cultural system after the formation period
14. Culture-related magazine that allows to reflect on self-images
15. Oral textual formation
16. The second feature of a cultural system


1. Spatial organizational form of a cultural system
3. Music culture that has been incorporated into the repertoire of church services
4. Female German metal singer
6. What a cultural system reinforces or develops in its bearers
8. One of the strategies of self-reflection
9. Musical with narrative components
12. Movement-related formation (adjective)
13. Technique of self-reflection