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During a meeting on the 17th of June 2007 in the University of Bamberg the StudyGroup has been founded and the following statement was developed:

Vision and Mission Statement of the Study Group "Music Research and eLearning"

The group is a panel for music researchers and -educationalists, who feel and define themselves as researchers and educationalists in cultural studies at the same time. That means, they are interested to break down the interdisciplinary islandisation of the academic landscape concerning musicology and cultural studies and they want to replace this situation through an innovative emancipatory coexistence and through a visionary, reciprocal enriching cooperation. Contents of musicology should refer to the methodological framework of the idea of culture as a mental construct created by humans and therewith should be spotlighted in a globally actualised way the vital and everyday benefit of cultural forms of expression in addition to humanistic anthropological and emancipatory concepts refering to Enlightenment. The mediation of applicable results with digital media is choosen as a contemporary flashpoint method of music research and -education within the field of cultural studies, but does not exclude the traditional way of distribution through print media and completes them through files for all senses.


Researchers, scholars, educationalists of all disciplines concerning cultural studies, who feel addressed by these targets can apply for membership. The plenary will decide about the acception with a simple majority.


The study group consists of the list of members. The coordination is organized by an executive board, which consists of three members, elected with single majority. The board elects a spokesperson and a vice chair. Additionally a publishing responsible can be elected. The executive board is newly elected every third year; a reelection is possible.

Method of operation

The study group organizes a yearly symposium in the virtual world of Second LIfe. Papers can be presented concerning currently running or finished research projects of the members and of invited guests. Additionally cultural events can be arranged (music, theatre performances, workshops, exhibitions etc.), who can be visited by students and lecturers. These are announced on the Murel-Blog. The study group conducts a webpage (, which offers not only relevant informations under the creative commons guidelines, but can be used as publishing platform too. The member council decides about the publishing of an online article. The main medium of publication is an occasionally produced print publication including a multimedia CD-ROM or DVD, provided with an ISBN and distributed through the publishing company ulme-mini-verlag S. Fernando Giessen. It can be ordered directly from the publishing company or through internet bookshops like Amazon, Libri or the offline booktrade in bookshops.


The study group doesn't operate a steric physical agency, but a virtual. The executive chairperson's address is the address for the non virtual correspondence. The care of the homepage is organzied by the chairperson or a person of his/her confidence. The study group is exclusively financed by donations (or crowd-funding).

Kontakt: igdskdv(at) or