Music and Culture in Sri Lanka

The mindmap leads to modules, which have been planned as cd-roms, a favourite concept in the 90ies of the last century. But the computer-technology has developed faster and the earlier existing software for the creation of interactive cd-roms was not compatible anymore with the later existing versions of Windows. As a result the plan is now, to transfer the interactive presentations into something similar in the internet, which is a very time-consuming enterprise. So it is a project under construction. Nevertheless the mentioned modules show the research areas, which could be covered in Sri Lanka up to now.
provided by Martina Claus-Bachmann an article about a civil war hero in a pop song Overview Vessantara Jataka example example Love Songs from Carlos Fonseka, Diliup Gabadamudalige, etc. Diliup Gabadamudalige demonstration of Channa's troupe world of music article Overview Article Overview Chity Somapala on CD Lion Song page with Chity Somapala University of the Visual and Performing Arts OHE Island world of music Overview an article about a civil war hero in a pop song Vessantara Jataka 3 music examples/wom overview overview overview tamaetamae EdutainmentPage article/German graphics article example The drama "Kuveni" from  Henry Jayasena article Baila example article about Vannamas publications of M. Nürnberger Raksha dance tamil Batiya&Santush subcultures in Sri Lanka subcultures in Sri Lanka article Leekeli-webpage