Modul II: Die Enstehungsphase eines kulturellen Systems
Marginalität, Grenzmarken, limitische Struktur

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Module II: The Formation Period of a Cultural System
Marginality, Border Markers, Limiting Structure

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1. What is the main precondition for the development of a new cultural system?

2. Which places or regions of the world have been mentioned in the text as living spaces for minority cultures?

3. What is the consequence when an adolescent collective regards the supply of border markers as not attractive enough in its search for identity?

4. What is Mühlmann's term for characteristics of a culture that can be culturally embodied?

5. How do you call the delimiting function of the supply of border markers of a culture?

6. Which subcultures are the sources of the three examplary songs that address marginality?

7. Which forms of capital does Pierre Bourdieu distiguish?

8. How could a culture be called that tries to distance itself from a subculture?