Transkulturierte Musik zeichnet sich dadurch aus, dass beim Hörer zwar das Gefühl bestehen bleibt, Elemente verschiedener Musikkulturen zu hören, es sich jedoch schwer entscheiden lässt, woher oder aus welcher Kultur die Elemente stammen. Sie sind höranalytisch nicht mehr zu isolieren und sind zu einem sonischen (klanglichen) Gesamteindruck verschmolzen, der eine neue Kulturbezeichnung benötigt. In Gandalfs Fall handelte es sich um den Begriff Worldmusic oder Weltmusik bzw. New Age Music.








can be called a "PAINTER OF MUSICAL LANDSCAPES", he is a composer, musician and producer of meanwhile numerous album releases.
His name originated from J.R.R.TOLKIEN's cult-epic "THE LORD OF THE RINGS".
GANDALF plays a great variety of instruments (acoustic and electric guitars, sitar, saz, charango, bouzuki, balaphon, piano, synthesizers & sample-keyboards and various percussion) and blends acoustic with electronic and spheric sounds, weaves folk-elements into symphonic structures, creating his unmistakable unique style that made him become one of todays internationally most successful Austrian musicians.
The goal of this multi-sided musician is, to dissolve the boundaries between musical categories and styles and to create a cross-cultural global music Audio-Beispiel. On his journeys through Europe, North and South America and Asia he came in touch with most different cultures and found out, that there are more things that unite than seperate the folks on this planet