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This world map has some hovertext-areas, which guide to webpages with further music-related information about the special area. In the moment a lot is under construction and only finished projects will be included in this visual interactive presentation of traditional music cultures all over the world. Everbody, who did academic studies and fieldwork and wants to be included in the project can contact us ( and we will set a link of the existing webpage to the world map. In cooperation with the creator we might add an introductory page with hints, how to mediate/teach/use the web-project in educational environments.

Here is a list with the linked projects on the world-map:

NewZealand - Maori culture

Islands of the Indian Ocean:

- Mauritius

- Reunion

- Seychelles

- Rodrigue

- Maldives

- Sri Lanka

Asia and Middle East:

- India

- Afghanistan

- China

- Indonesia

- Malaysia


- West Africa

- Central Africa (Aka Pygmies)

- Uganda

to be continued ...

Presentation of the concept EthnoMusicScape at an eLearning-meeting in the JLU Gießen in 2007:

Musiccultural systems without direct or permanent regional reference:

- Steampunk

- Cyber-Art and Culture

- Ambient Music