CyberArt – An Eclectic Approach
by PD Dr. Martina Claus-Bachmann

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4. Practical demonstration of art tools in the virtual world of Second Life (under construction)


4.3 Demonstration

4.3.1 Prims and their menu + examples

4.3.2 Sculpties and their options + examples

4.3.3 Mesh-objects and their conditions

4.3.4 Visiting the Arcane Forest, a LEA project and the final performance (ambient live music, dance and fracticle-show)

4.3.5 Visiting some CyberCulture-Sims

4.3.6 Visiting interstellART: a) Sim-basis and b) Level 1000


4.4 A final movie-production Fracticularium, a live show with fracticles (particles with fractal textures controlled by a hud), dance-animations and ambient live-music


4.5 Some more CyberArtGalleries in Second Life (due to the sometimes very fast changing conditions in virtual worlds, some spots might be unavailable):