CyberArt – An Eclectic Approach
by PD Dr. Martina Claus-Bachmann

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3. Overview CyberArt in virtual environments

We can differenciate between 3 categories of using SL for art purposes:

- loading up photos of real-life artwork and applying it on prims as a substitute for a canvas and hanging this canvas on a virtual wall in a virtually built 3D-gallery-building;

- experimenting with your real life textures plus inworld tools to create a hybrid work and

- working completely without real-life tools and with the tools Second Life offers exclusively.

I will now focus on some tools in Second Life, which you can use in an artistic way and which are different from tools in the physical world:

Virtual World Physical World
prim(s) as a geometric shape picture carrier, clay or othher physical materials
combination of prims Colors, effect pastes and grounding
sculpts as prims with a special shape brush and easel
Mesh-objects either created inworld or uploaded from web-sources physical tools like sponge, bristle, smudge block, erasers, spray etc.
all these basic elements can be controlled and manipulated on the base of menues scissor, glue (collages)
viewer, a 3D-browser, which gives you access to the virtual world and all its possibilities to manipulate and create
handworker tools like nails and screwdriver for assemblages
hardware, requirements s. Second Life webpage linoleum for lino-cuts
Particles by scripts wood for wood-cuts or carving
movement, animation by scripts varnish
machinima, inworld video tools video camera and software