CyberArt – An Eclectic Approach
by PD Dr. Martina Claus-Bachmann

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2. Definition

Later on with the development of 3D-environments it became possible to create gallery spaces, where the pictures could hang like in galleries in the physical world.

„The consequences of detaching art from the physical object and transferring it as an electronic medium are considerable. The medium no longer transmits reproductions of art, but creates art itself. As the internet now reaches virtually all corners of the world, cyberart works can be experienced just as easily in Africa as in North America...IF computers and network connections exist“ (

The advantage of the worldwide reception for cyber artwork was also the conclusive consense of a small panel discussion, which I organized in October 2014 in the virtual world of Second Life, inviting two artists, one blogger, one gallerist, one science fiction writer and one art enthusiast to talk about their approach to the term CYBER:
Example 12: Panel-discussion in Second Life =>













I'm your moderator, Miriam, and I welcome you all. Today, we're interested in the term CyberArt and I'm delighted to present our panel of experts. We have ...

Some excerpts from the panel-discussion about the term CyberArt on 2nd of October 2014 at Space 4 Art/Port Lydius, two art sims in Second Life; background-scenery: NeoCyberCity - an art installation by Asmita Duranjaya and Sable (due to technical problems the first part of the panel could not be recorded, but as Sable said later, network crashs, lag and other hardware deviations are a part of the cyber culture too).