CyberArt – An Eclectic Approach
by PD Dr. Martina Claus-Bachmann

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1. Short History of CyberArt

The potential tools for cyber art have manifolded and in recent times we can find a pluralism of media, which all contribute to the shaping of the cyber art, like roleplay, pc-games, comics, mangas and animes, movies and last not least the development of the cyberspace, of virtual 3D-worlds, that conquer with the reality of the physical world.

Shadowrun (1989) can be classified as one of the most influential roleplay classic:

=> Picture (Excerpts of Shadowrun)

For some the pc-game Deus Ex (2000) has shaped the cyberpunk on the pc in the most convincing way:

=> Picture (Excerpts of Deus Ex).

Latest with the publication of Billy Idols album Cyberpunk (1993), and the movie The Matrix (1999) cyberpunk has been perceived by a broader public audience. Typical topics today are nano-technology, genetic manipulation und virtual reality.

=> Movie_5 (Excerpt of The Matrix by Lana Wachowski and Lilly Wachowski)