CyberArt – An Eclectic Approach
by PD Dr. Martina Claus-Bachmann

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3. Overview CyberArt in virtual environments

My personal approach on the topic CyberArt is since 10 years my work as a curator, gallerist and artist in the virtual environment of Second Life and the so called OS-Grid, which is a free open source 3D-environment and very similar to Second Life with the difference that it is not costly as Second Life is. Another advantage of this OpenSource grid is, that you can establish a so called sim, a land-simulation on your own harddisk at home, if you have enough space on it. The source-code is downloadable from the specific => OS-webpage.

Being aware, that there are other approaches to cyber art I will concentrate in the following on my experiences with => the virtual 3D-world of Second Life.
I started in 2007 and at that time the grid was already online since 4 years, starting from USA/California all over the world.

Since my childhood I had continuously some real world art-projects running without a professional ambition, which was in my case music and language, but art has been always a natural part of my life.
At the same time I am a computer enthusiast since the first hour and I still have my Atari ST from the 1990ies and have upgraded my equipment continuously according to the development of the personal computer.
I have understood immediately when entering the 3D-world of Second Life, that it could fullfil most of my needs and wishes as a person interested and involved in arts.
It needs some time to become familiar with all the tools this world offers for creativity. It needs also some time to understand the rules of this world and the people, who are behind the agents of the real life person, the so called avatars. And not everbody tends to become creative in this world; there are many, who only want to chat and to overcome their loneliness or who like to perceive only what others are creating.
But if you use it in an active artistic way, it can be of much interest for you and bring you lot of pleasure and satisfaction.